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How did Chatsworth, California, gets its name?

Chatsworth is the name of the country estate of England's Duke of Devonshire located in Derbyshire.  It is a grand English manor house located in the middle of a lush green "park" of a larger property, shown in the photograph. 

On March 10, 1888, George R. Crow filed a map of a subdivision of the San Fernando valley, which he called Chatsworth Park, with the Los Angeles County Recorder's Office.  Later W.B. Barber, the president of the San Fernando Valley Improvement Company filed another map with the Los Angeles County Recorder's Office called the "Plat of Chatsworth Park Townsite." 

It is believed that W.B. Barber was an English immigrant who would have been familiar with the Duke of Devonshire and his Chatsworth estate.  Perhaps the landscape of the San Fernando Valley reminded Barber of his home and for this, he named Chatsworth. 

Because of the name connection, the CHS collects memorabilia from the Chatsworth, England estate.  Many members of the society have visited Chatsworth, England and returned with souvenirs.  In addition, visitors from England have sent gifts to the CHS in return for their hospitality.

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