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Chatsworth Historical Society Digital Archives
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Chatsworth Historical Society Digital Archives, Chatsworth, CA

ROTOCHAT - The RotoChat was the weekly newsletter for the Chatsworth Rotary Club.  Listed below are newsletters from 1964 to 1965.  The club met on Wednesday's for lunch at Morigi's Pizza (today's Cowboy Palace), and included many of the business leaders in Chatsworth.  This series is interesting in that it provides biographies of some of the members.

1964-07-01 RotoChat bio Clif Parchman.pdf
1964-07-08 RotoChat bio Al Brain.pdf
1964-07-15 RotoChat.pdf
1964-07-22 RotoChat bio John McNamee.pdf
1964-07-29 RotoChat bio Tom Craig.pdf
1964-08-05 RotoChat.pdf
1964-08-12 RotoChat bio Ray Hultman.pdf
1964-08-19 RotoChat.pdf
1964-08-26 RotoChat Debbie Rogers prayer.pdf
1964-09-02 RotoChat bio George Vincent.pdf
1964-09-09 RotoChat.pdf
1964-09-16 RotoChat.pdf
1964-09-23 RotoChat.pdf
1964-09-30 RotoChat bio Bob Boggis.pdf
1964-10-07 RotoChat.pdf
1964-10-14 RotoChat bio Mike Hayes.pdf
1964-10-21 RotoChat bio George Lorbeer.pdf
1964-10-28 RotoChat bio Mike Ragusin.pdf
1964-11-04 RotoChat.pdf
1964-11-18 RotoChat bio Jim Nessheim also Rogers lease Apple Valley Inn.pdf
1964-11-25 RotoChat.pdf
1964-12-02 RotoChat.pdf
1964-12-09 RotoChat.pdf
1964-12-16 RotoChat Chamber elections Roy&Dale Honorary Mayors.pdf
1964-12-23 RotoChat.pdf
1964-12-30 RotoChat.pdf
1965-01-06 RotoChat.pdf
1965-01-13 RotoChat bio Curly Alward.pdf
1965-01-20 RotoChat bio Fred Gruneck.pdf
1965-01-27 RotoChat.pdf
1965-02-03 RotoChat.pdf
1965-02-10 RotoChat bio Bob Kinsman.pdf
1965-02-17 RotoChat.pdf
1965-02-24 RotoChat bio Mert Cooke.pdf
1965-03-03 RotoChat bio Gasper Gay Minardi.pdf
1965-03-10 RotoChat.pdf
1965-03-17 RotoChat.pdf
1965-03-24 RotoChat.pdf
1965-03-31 RotoChat bio Dean Beisner.pdf
1965-04-07 RotoChat bio Bruce Pegg.pdf
1965-04-14 RotoChat.pdf
1965-04-21 RotoChat.pdf
1965-04-28 RotoChat.pdf
1965-05-05 RotoChat bio Hank Crowley.pdf
1965-05-12 RotoChat.pdf
1965-05-19 RotoChat.pdf
1965-05-26 RotoChat.pdf
1965-06-02 RotoChat.pdf
1965-06-09 RotoChat.pdf
1965-06-16 RotoChat.pdf
1965-06-19 RotoChat Demotion Party.pdf
1965-06-29 RotoChat.pdf
196x RotoChat Songs.pdf