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Chatsworth Historical Society  - The Homestead Acre 
10385 Shadow Oak Drive, Chatsworth, CA 91311 

(818) 882-5614


A variety of Chatsworth History Presentations have been created in Powerpoint by the Historical Society. They are available for viewing at, and are available for download to your computer in pdf format below.

If you use, type in the searchphrase "chatsworthhistory" to get a complete listing of all Chatsworth Historical Society Presentations.

Or Click on a presentation below to download a pdf version to your computer. Some presentations have movies embedded. Presentations that include movies have two versions; the pdf excludes the movie and the pps includes the movie. To watch the movie in the presentation, you also need to download both the .pps and .avi files to the same folder. You will also need to download a pps player.

Aqua Sierra & the Roy Rogers Sports Center.pdf
Aqua Sierra & the Roy Rogers Sports Center.pps
Roy Rogers' and Clark Gable's Winchester Model 12, Aqua Sierra clipped.avi
1959 Chevrolet Truck Commercial Roy Rogers.avi
1961 The Andy Griffith Show S02E08 Gail Davis The Perfect Female Aqua Sierra Sportsmans Club clipped.avi

Burro Flats Rocketdyne SSFL History.pdf
Burro Flats Rocketdyne SSFL History.pps
SSFL Movie To the Stars and Beyond Aleli Kelton widescreen.avi
Burro Flats Movie clips 1941 1947 1953.avi
SSFL Movie Edward Murrow See it Now TV.avi

Chatsworth Hills Homesteaders Part 1.pdf
Chatsworth Hills Homesteaders Part 2.pdf
Chatsworth Hills Homesteaders Part 3.pdf

Chatsworth Historical Society History.pdf
Chatsworth Historical Society History.pps

Chatsworth Lake Manor.pdf
Chatsworth Lake Manor.pps ....and.... Chatsworth Reservoir filming location.avi

Chatsworth Park Elementary School.pdf
Chatsworth Park Elementary School.pps ...and .... Chicken Fat Chatsworth.avi

Chatsworth Timeline.pdf
Chatsworth Timeline.pps
...and... 1989 SSFL Rocketdyne History of Tomorrow clip.avi ...and... 1959 Chevrolet Truck Commerical Roy Rogers.avi

Chatsworth Stagecoach Trail.pdf
Chatsworth Stagecoach Trail.pps ...and... 1939 Dedication of Stagecoach Road Plaque.avi

Chatsworth Street Corners History.pdf
Chatsworth Street Corners History.pps

Chatsworth Railroad History.pdf
Chatsworth Railroad History.pps and Chatsworth Railroad Movies.avi

Cookie Jar Theatre.pdf
Cookie Jar Theatre.pps ...and...2014 The Face is Familiar - Milton Parsons.avi ...and... 2011 Leuise Schepler discussion of Cookie Jar Theatre.avi

Glass Lantern Slides from Chatsworth Park Elementary Part 1.pdf
Glass Lantern Slides from Chatsworth Park Elementary Part 1.pps
Glass Lantern Slides from Chatsworth Park Elementary Part 2.pdf
Glass Lantern Slides from Chatsworth Park Elementary Part 2.pps

Harvester Farms.pdf
Harvester Farms.pps

Highway Patrol Episodes filmed in Chatsworth.pdf
Highway Patrol Episodes filmed in Chatsworth.pps

Iverson Ranch Silent Movie Sets.pdf
Iverson Ranch Silent Movie Sets.pps... and ...Three Ages 1923 Buster Keaton intro.avi... and...Three Ages 1923 Buster Keaton bathtub rock house.avi...and....1926 Tell it to the Marines bridge scenes.avi...and...2015-08-15 James Franco and James Franco (Scion) clipped.avi

The Bells of El Camino Real.pdf
The Bells of El Camino Real.pps ... and... 2005 The Bells of el Camino Real Huell Howser clip.avi

The Chatsworth Pioneer Church.pdf
The Chatsworth Pioneer Church.pps ... and ... 2003 Huell Howser Chatsworth Pioneer Church.avi
1993 Pioneer Church An Odyssey Keith and Sheila Watts clip moving Day 1965-01-27.avi

The West San Fernando Valley Lime Industry and Native American History.pdf
The West San Fernando Valley Lime Industry and Native American History.pps