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Chatsworth Historical Society Digital Archives
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Chatsworth Historical Society Digital Archives, Chatsworth, CA

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1850 Census Los Angeles pg21 line144 Juan Louis Vignes 71yrs Farmer 50KRealEstate.jpg
1850 Census Los Angeles pg30 line210 Pedro Domec 28yrs Cooper.jpg

1852 California State Census Los Angeles.jpg

1860 Census Los Angeles pg23.jpg
1860 Census Los Angeles pg24 Pierre Domec Charles delaOsa.jpg
1860 Census Los Angeles pg25 Leonis Carlos Odon.jpg
1860 Census Los Angeles pg26.jpg

1870 Census Los Angeles pg131 Pierre Domec in LA maybe.jpg
1870 Census Los Angeles pg30 Leonis Espiritu.jpg
1870 Census Los Angeles pg31 Miranda Workman De La Osa Jerimiah.jpg
1870 Census Los Angeles pg32 Neils and Ann Johnson David Burbank.jpg
1870 Census Los Angeles pg33.jpg
1870 Census.pdf

1880 Census SanFern pg08.jpg
1880 Census SanFern pg09 Niels Johnson.jpg
1880 Census SanFern pg10 Milton Brown Jeremiah Donalechi Biscaluz De la Ossa Miranda Domec.jpg
1880 Census SanFern pg11 Odon Leonis.jpg
1880 Census SanFern pg12.jpg
1880 Census.pdf

1900 Census Calabasas Juan Menendez and mother Maria Espiritu.jpg
1900 Census pg01 Thrasher Miranda.jpg
1900 Census pg02 Schweikhardt Paulson Gray.jpg
1900 Census pg03 Williams Tetzlaff Hill Johnson Iverson Charlton.jpg
1900 Census pg04 Mary Charlton.jpg

1910 Census Chatsworth Park 6A Tetzlaff Williams.jpg
1910 Census Chatsworth Park 6B Johnson Graves Hill Miranda.jpg
1910 Census Chatsworth Park 7A Miranda Paulson Glasscock Dayton.jpg
1910 Census Chatsworth Park 7B.jpg
1910 Census Chatsworth Park 8A Johnson.jpg
1910 Census Chatsworth Park 8B Johnson Iverson.jpg

1920 census - To be added

1930 Census - To be added

1940 Census - To be added